What is Backlinking, Best Ways to Build Backlinks, 2022

What is Backlinking? 

Backlinking In Simple Language we can say Backlinks shows the relationship of  our Websites with Other Websites Through Links. It is a Link From one Website (The Referrer) to another Website (The Referent). The quantity, quality and relevance of website’s Backlinks is one of the factors that search engines like Google use to assess how important a page is.

What is Backlinking Smart Ways to Build Backlinks 2022

Backlinking also Enhance the Page Authority And Domain Authority which is measured by Moz Bar, Backlinks falls under Off Page SEO, Off Page SEO is a SEO which we can’t control Best because from where we are getting Backlinks we can’t control it right?

Now The Question Arise How Do Backlinks Works?

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How Do Backlinks Works ?

Backlinking Plays an Vital Role in Enhancing Web Page’s Rankings in Search Engines (SERP)’s, Let’s Know How Through an Example:

For Example There is Website Named “A” which writes an Blogs And there is Websites Named “B” Which also writes Blogs, Website “B” Likes the Content of Websites “A” And Mentions it in his Website’s Page, So Now the Backlink of Website “A” Creates.

And Now the User who will visit Website “B” would automatically Visits Website “A” via Link, Which organically enhance the  Traffic on Website “A”, And would Enhance the Website “B” Authority and Website “A” will become Reputable because it is Getting an Backlink From Reputable Website.

Basically it’s a Win-Win Situation.

What is Backlinking Smart Ways to Build Backlinks 2022

Let’s Talk About Types Of Backlinks

Types of Backlinks

There are 2 Types of Backlinks

  1. No Follow Backlinks

  2. Do Follow Backlinks

For Better understanding of No Follow and Do follow Backlinks, First need to know About Link Juice, 

Link Juice: It is used to measure and describe  how much power or value a backlink passes onto another website through links which strengthens that Website.

Let’s Talk About Syntax and Definition of No Follow And Do Follow Backlinks

No Follow Backlinks


<a href = “https://example.com/blog” rel= “no follow”>

  • So, No Follow Backlinks  carry the No Follow Tag.
  • They don’t pass Link Juice that means doesn’t carry value.
  • They are not Quality Links , They are Just for Increasing the Quantity.
  • It also Suggests Search Engines to Ignore the Link.
  • They are Not helpful in Improving the Websites or its Rankings.

Do Follow Backlinks 


<a href = “https://example.com/blog”>

  • So Do Follow Backlinks does not carry No Follow Tag.
  • which means they carry Link Juice that means they contains value which they pass on another website through Links.
  • They are links which Improve Website and enhance Website’s Rankings in SERPs.
  • Everybody wants Do Follow Backlinks on its Websites because they are Quality Links coming from Another Website.
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  • They also helps in increasing Page Authority And Domain Authority which is measured by Moz Bar.

To Sum Up:

Creating Backlinking Does not mean that We’ll get links from Websites which does not follow Search Engines Criteria, because if we get Backlinks From Those Websites it will be considers as Bad or Toxic Links which will cause Google (Search Engine) to penalize or even de-index your site. We Don’t need Quantity Links on our Websites we need Quality Links.

What is Backlinking Smart Ways to Build Backlinks 2022

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

1.What is meant by backlinks in SEO?

ANS. Links on websites other than your own that go back to a page on your website. Backlinks are also called inbound links because they represent another website’s traffic coming to your own site.

2. What is a backlinking strategy?

ANS. Backlinks are created when a third party links back to your website. Most often, websites link to outside sources to further explain something or to endorse the site they are linking to.

3. What are the benefits of backlinking? 

ANS. Build Your Brand Authority, Drive Steady Referral Traffic on Autopilot, Long Term Directory & Resource Links, Create New Relationships, Brand Name Exposure & Recognition.

4. How do I create backlinks?

ANS. Find Backlink Opportunities with Top Referral Sources, Use Outbound Links to Form Partnerships, Use Google Search Console Reports to Get Backlinks, Spy on Your Competitors, Find Broken Links to Build Backlinks, Create High-Quality Content That’s Link-Worthy, Publish a Skyscraper Content.

5. Do backlinks build authority?

ANS. Backlinks are foundational to SEO and play an influential role in search engine ranking. If you are a trusted website that receives backlinks from other sites, search engines like Google will also see you as trustworthy.


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