SEO,8 Difference Between On Page and Off Page SEO

SEO, 8 Difference Between On Page and Off Page SEO

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique by which we bring our post or page to the top of any search engine, or rank it. We all know what a search engine is. It has to main Type On Page and Off Page.

On Page and Off Page SEO

On Page SEO

On Page  is the process of optimizing (improving) a website and individual web pages by which the ranking of the website or any individual web pages increases in the search engine result page. In simple language, the way to optimize (improve) web pages is called On-Page .

Off Page SEO

Off-Page It is also called Off-Site, all those techniques which are performed outside their site means on any other site and from them the ranking of our website increases in the Search Engine Result Page, it is called Off-Page.

Difference Between On Page and Off Page SEO

On Page 

  • On-page incorporates giving great substance, great watchword choice, placing catchphrases in right places, giving a suitable title for each page, and so on.
  • On-page will dissect the total site.
  • On-page we will utilize inward connecting.
  • Techniques that are used in on-page-

-Publish high-quality content
-Optimize page titles and meta descriptions
-Optimize page content
-Headings and content formatting
-SEO Images and other multimedia elements
-URL optimization
-Internal links
-External links

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  • As indicated by the MOZ website proprietors invest around 75% of energy on-page action
  • On-page takes a gander at what’s going on with your site.
  • Factors that effect On-page are as per the following-

Internal Linking, Mobile Friendly, Navigation, Content Quality, Meta Descriptions, Image Alt,Text Page Speed, Core Web Vitals, Title Tags

  • Both SEO cooperate in a reciprocal style to accomplish Search Engine Optimization which is our primary objective. We can’t choose which is more significant between the two. However, in the entire cycle, SEOs suggest that the spotlight ought to be given to on-page before off-page.

Off Page

  • Off-page incorporates external link establishment, expanding join notoriety, web crawler, interface trade and so on.
  • In off-page we will advance the site.
  • In off-page we will utilize direct connecting..
  • Procedures that are utilized in off-page –

-Force to be reckoned with Outreach.
-Contribute as Guest Author.
-Online Entertainment Engagement.
-Social Bookmarking Sites.
-Discussion Submission.
-Blog Directory Submission.
-Article Submission

  • While on off page it just 25 to 30% movement.
  • Off-page takes a gander at how well known your site is.
  • Factors that effect Off-page are as per the following-

-Social Media, Backlinks Mentions, Google, Business Profile

  • Both SEO cooperate in a correlative style to accomplish Search Engine Optimization which is our primary objective. We can’t choose which is more significant between the two. Yet, in the entire cycle, SEOs suggest that the spotlight ought to be given to on-page SEO before off-page.

On Page SEO Techniques

1.Keyword Research

Keyword Research A process by which we research the targeted keywords for our posts on which we want to rank our website. Like (To know about On Page SEO, many people would be searching in different ways, like someone would do On Page SEO Kaise kare, someone would do On Page SEO course in Hindi, then someone would do On Page SEO in Hindi and other one kisi Web site ka SEO kaise karte hai.

That is why it is very important that we research our target keyword and write our content accordingly. This is the most important factor of On Page because when you know the Keyword only then you will be able to advance On Page and Optimize your Content with Targeted Keyword and rank it.

2.Title Tags

Title tag is the first thing that users see after searching the query and after looking at the title, the users decide whether clicking on a particular website will get the answer to the query asked by him or not and by looking at the title. Only the users clicks on the website.

That is why if seen from SEO point of view, we should have Keyword in Title Tag, on which we want to rank our Web Pages, because Keyword is the Terms which describes your entire content in few words. That is why we should keep our title in such a way that users will find it attractive and after seeing the title, enter it in the website. We should use our Keywords in Title or Keyword Phrase in our Title.

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3.Header Tags Optimization

Header Tags means Headings – The Headings you see are mostly about our Main Keywords or are the Sub Parts of the topic of Main Keywords, then we should use Targeted Keywords or Keywords Phrase in Headings so that Google To understand which keyword you have targeted, and about which particular topic the entire content has been written.

That is why efforts should be made to use your keywords in some headings and also Keyword Phrase. Also, Header Tag should be used very well like there should be only 1 H1 in the whole article and then it should be used only in between H2-H6.We should also keep in mind the headings that always write the sub topic of the main topic and write in proper headings like if you write the main topic in H2, then write its sub topic in H3 and other one H4,H5,H6.

4.URL Structure

We know the URL structure in common language by the name of Link. According to On Page SEO, we should keep keywords in the URL of our web pages or we should definitely keep some words of main keywords. As I am writing on On Page SEO Kya Hota Hai (What is On Page SEO in Hindi) keyword,

then I have written “On Page SEO Hindi” in the URL. Similarly, you must put some words of keywords in your URL, and try that your URL should not be more than 4-5 words, meaning do not make the URL too long. Enter keywords in the URL and keep it short.

5. Keyword Density

Keyword Density means how many times you have used your Focus Keyword in a content, it is called Keyword Density. According to Best SEO Practices, we should use keywords only up to 3% of the words of our articles.


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